wait, what?



I’m a New Delhi based blogger who’s had it with the sub-par writing on fashion, lifestyle and opinion websites for Indian women. So I bring you information and opinion that is Cool AND Useful (as opposed to Random and Pointless) to make every visit worth your while. I try to ensure that every post is a meaningful pause in the midst of your multi-tabbing orgy, and that my writing lingers long after you’ve exited this tab and moved on to a Youtube video of a furry animal wearing a hat and doing cartwheels. And yes, I am totally SFW (Safe For Work).

The illustration below is a scientific and accurate representation of what I do.



1. I’m on a frenetic exam schedule at the moment and it will last well into 2015, so I may not reply to your comments or queries immediately.

2. I’d love to collaborate on a project- if you’d love to! You can view my favourite projects here and here. I write for intelligent, well read women with a sense of humour, and I value qualities like authenticity, transparency and kindness very highly. If you think your brand/ project is a good fit, drop me a line in the Comments section or an email at the address mentioned below.

3. I’m not ad-free yet, but some day I will be. These ads are posted by WordPress and I have no control over their content or placement, so if you find yourself eyerolling an ad for penis enhancers, please don’t think the worst of me. I do not endorse things I do not have.

Thank you for visiting!

email: nerdydevi@gmail.com

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