Words I hold as close to my heart as I do a picture of Fawad Khan torn from a magazine.

Style lessons from the average Bengali woman

On the inevitable failure of first love

On depression

On making peace with haters

On resolving a fight

On sharpening the focus of your business

On conditioning that can poison relationships

On the right adjectives to use for a woman you know

On the best way to judge a man

On beauty

On body hair

On being immensely powerful

On the only way to get things to happen

On being bad at goodbyes (poem)

On being comfortable in one’s skin (poem)

On the pretend lives of childhood (poem)

On reading even when you don’t have to

Clean your room

A girl who does her own thing

On marriage as learning

On healthy paranoia

On not being ashamed of your inexperience

On the markers of wisdom

On winning an argument on personal merit

On standing up for other women- make trouble

On the necessity of opposition- resistance

On perspective

On how to kiss a boy

On learning to be happy- memo to self

On intelligence- be curious

On the importance of knowing how to cook- skillet skills

On not settling- how dare you

On quality being vital, fundamental to any presentation- note to self on quality

On being fun to be around- networking matters

On criticism- criticism as privilege

On guilt- cake first

On being decisive through doubt- decisive is good

On the perils of excess

On the many selves within us- oy chintoo!

On travel- get lost

On what girls want- twist

On being unafraid of judgement- girlboss

On being okay with being a bitch- it’s okay to not be liked

On true love- ruth & marty, her/ spike jonze

On being empathetic with love- good to remember

On girlfriends



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